Magyar Music

Hi Folks,

Welcome. Primarily, we are songwriters. However, we also perform as an Alternative Country/Crossover band featuring all-original music. In our prepackaged two-hour concert, we feature two female vocalists in several duets and as individual acts.

Our songs span a wide range of themes and styles, yet all feature our identifiable sound. Although our style of music may not appeal to you, we are proud every song is founded on a unique and substantive idea, the lyrics are intelligent and finely crafted, and every song will make you pause and think and/or evoke an emotion.

So this website serves us as songwriters beyond our two-hour show, all of our other song projects are also included under the "Songs" link. Specifically, you will find "Wedding Songs," "Songs for Children," "The Hobbit," "Commercials," "Videos" (including a tribute to the victims of 9/11 called "After the Disaster"), and even a full-length musical called "It's Not About Love."

Note: It's Not About Love reveals the secret to success in romance and the formula for long-term fulfillment in marriage.

In the "Songs" link you will find demos or recordings of every featured song project. All are full versions of the songs. You can play them in real time by streaming through the resident mp3 player or download them to your computer free of charge. You may even use the songs unless you wish to record them and distribute them professionally. However, if you play them in a public place, please inform us so we can notify the performance rights organizations (BMI) who collect and distribute fees to the authors and artists.

Note: Many couples play one or more of our wedding songs before or during the ceremony, and bands regularly "cover" our songs when playing in clubs. (Thanks for those who give us credit. It makes a difference.)

Good luck and best wishes to you and those you love.