Magyar Music



When fans go to a concert, they are disappointed if they don't hear their favorite songs or if the songs do not sound like the album cuts to which they have become accustomed. Artists who make these mistakes reduce the enjoyment potential of their performance. Follow the logic outlined below. It leads to an inescapable though not popular conclusion.

We Believe… Fans should never leave a concert performance disappointed from not hearing their favorite songs. After all, they pay a lot of money to hear them. This belief leads to the following inescapable deduction.

Deduction… Not knowing which songs are the favorites of which fans, artists must perform in concert every song on the albums they release. If they do not play every song they record, they are insuring most fans are going to be disappointed.

Fact… Artists typically perform between 24 to 27 songs in a 2-hour concert. (The average length of a song is 4-5 minutes including intros and interaction with the audience.)

Conclusion… If artists truly care about the experience they provide for their fans, they would limit their repertoire to 24 - 27 songs (a 2-hour show) – equivalent to two CDs.

Solution… Artists should accumulate 12 hit-quality songs before releasing their first CD. Only when artists accumulate 12 additional hit-quality songs should they release their second and final CD. Then artists should perform every one of their songs at every concert. In theory, their concert performances would consist of 24 hit-quality songs — and what a concert it would be!

About the Show

The songs on our set of two CDs (called "MAGYAR - Live!") are mostly ballads and soft rock. The style is best described as a mix of "Singer/Songwriter", "Adult Alternative" and "Pop-Country."

Our show is essentially the performance of our two-CDs that are comprised of 27 songs. Two male singers perform 18 of them. The two female singers (who also provide background vocals for the band) take turns performing 6 songs. Three duets are interspersed throughout the performance.

Musically, the highlights of the show are an exceptional lead Guitarist and a Saxophone player who brings down the house wherever we play.

The words to the songs are projected onto large overhead screens. During instrumentals (when lyrics are not being displayed), interesting bits of information about the performers are projected. Behind the words, live video feed of the performance or home video footage taken of band members is shown.